Shareholder and Managing Director

Amc Greyling

BCompt (Hons), SAICA Articles, SAIPA

Amc is the Managing Director and founder of Exigo Professional Accountants (Pty) Ltd.

Amc is passionate about empowering people and the businesses they run.

He believes that with a positive attitude, opportunities can be identified and turned into a successful business.

Professional background

Amc is a member in good standing of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants since 1993 and has a B. Compt (Hons) from UNISA. He completed his traineeship at one of the major audit firms in SA.
He worked in the corporate world as an internal auditor, senior accountant and IT manager.
Amc founded the Accounting practice in 1999 and has grown the practice by employing highly qualified, professional and passionate staff.

Relevant Experience

Amc gained a wealth of knowledge during his SAICA articles due to the exposure to a wide variety of industries he audited.
As a senior accountant and IT manager at Collect-a-Can (subsidiary of Iscor) he gained excellent experience analysing and automating business processes.

The knowledge gained was applied as a database administrator on consultation basis as well as a software quality assurance manager at a software development company.

In the practice he applies the experience by making sure that proper and applicable software are implemented to optimise efficiency and client management.

His accounting and auditing background are used to enhance the businesses of clients during consultations and implementing systems to ensure quality of financial statements and other services.


Dr Erna Fourie

General Manager and HOD: Secretarial Department


Dr Erna Fourie is a senior financial and management consultant registered with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants. She is the registered Overall Evaluator and Skills Development Facilitator of the Accredited Training Centre of Exigo Professional Accountants (Pty) Ltd. Although she is deeply committed to the Accounting Profession, with specific interest in Company Secretarial Governance, her teaching encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from training programmes such as “managing your personal finances” on the level of ABET to the supervision of and masters and doctoral degree graduates. As a facilitator she has developed and conducted numerous Leadership and Management Development programmes, Negotiating for Results and Transformational Conflict Management.

Professional Background:

Erna started out as an Accounting and Business Economics teacher and went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and completed this leg of her formal studies with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accounting.

She then qualified as a Professional Accountant and has always had a foot in the business world although she diversified by getting serious about education. This led to a Bachelor of Education in Economic Sciences. She went on to attain a Masters degree in Education with a focus on the teaching of Economic Sciences. She completed her Educational studies with a Doctorate in Educational Management with the supporting fields of Curriculum Design, Implementation and Development.

Based in South Africa, Erna was previously a Professor at the University of Johannesburg where she implemented Computer Based Education and headed the group who implemented virtual classrooms and Web Based Education. In 1998 she resigned from a professorship to return to the corporate environment and is now in high demand as consultant and facilitator.

Her most recent qualifications include the successful completion of a Module on Independent Reviews and registration as Assessor and Moderator of learning outcomes with registration at the ETDP SETA and FASSET.

Erna has several publications in accredited journals, nationally and internationally and has read several research papers at national and international conferences. She has co-authored a number of books and was editor-in-chief for a publication on Online Education.


Reinhardt Herrmann

Head of Department: Yearly and Tax Department

Professional Accountant (SA)

At the age of 17, Reinhardt decided that he wanted to become an Accountant.  He found that he had a natural affinity for Accounting and scored full marks in numerous Accounting exams.

Reinhardt is HOD (Head of Department) of the yearly Accounting and Tax department at Exigo Professional Accountants (Pty) Ltd.

He is an open minded and analytical person. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Accounting degree and has an impressive knowledge of the field of Accounting.  He finds tax more challenging.  This interest in Tax leads to an energetic and dedicated study of Tax and the Tax Administration Act.  

He believes that dedication and time management are the most important characteristics contributing to a successful and satisfying career.

Professional background

Reinhardt is a member in good standing of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) since 2016 and completed his BCom in Financial Accounting in 2013 at NWU Potchefstroom. He completed his articles at a well-known Accredited Training Centre firm based in Sandton. Reinhardt wrote and passed the SAIPA Professional Evaluation assessment in 2016 on his first attempt. In 2017, he registered as a Tax Practitioner and is in Good Standing ever since.

Reinhardt is currently exploring further studies in Tax with a view of becoming a registered Tax specialist.

Relevant experience

Reinhardt’s wide experience emanates from his schooldays. His father being an Accountant, Reinhardt was given ample opportunity to help at his father’s business with a variety of accounting tasks.

While studying, he worked as a trainee accountant at a Tax firm in Sandton where he completed the learnership required by FASSET and SAIPA. After qualifying he was appointed as manager of the Bryanston branch for the same firm.

Reinhardt moved to Exigo Professional Accountants (Pty) Ltd in 2017 as junior manager for the Yearly and Tax department. The excellent progress and valuable exposure to a large variety of clients under the watchful eye of the previous HOD at Exigo made Reinhardt was the obvious choice to fill the position when it became available and in 2020 Reinhardt was promoted to Head of Department.


Pieter Steyn

Head Of Department: Monthly Accounting

BCom, SAIPA, Tax Practitioner

Pieter is deadline driven which is one of the greatest strengths necessary when monthly returns and deadlines with SARS are paramount.

He believes client satisfaction is key to a successful and fulfilling career.

Professional background

Pieter is a member in good standing of SAIPA (South African Institute of Professional Accountants) since 2010 and has a B. Com degree from North West University. He completed his learnership at an Accounting practice in Vanderbijlpark.

After completing his learnership and qualifying as a Professional Accountant he became a registered member of SAIPA.  He then worked in the corporate world as a financial manager and Accountant. He left the corporate position to return to his first love of Accountant in Practice.

Relevant Experience

Pieter gained his experience by working in the corporate world, understanding the day to day running of a business and the financial and Accounting side of a company. At the accounting firms he gained valuable experience and knowledge of a wide variety of industries each with their own individual needs and requirements.

He believes that communication with clients and understanding how their unique business operates is of utmost importance and key to mutual benefit and satisfaction.

He insists that each client should be informed about the financial position of their business and is vital for informed decision making.

He has a working knowledge of a variety of Accounting and Payroll software.  This knowledge enables him to not only gain in-depth understanding of the financial health of the business under his Accounting wings but he will also be able to consult and support clients in the process of deciding which Accounting and or Payroll software will be best suited or how current software will serve the information needs of the client. 

Pieter recently joined the ranks of Exigo Professional Accountants as HOD: Monthly Department and due to previously holding a position in this department at Exigo, he was able to seamlessly move into it.